15 Sandals That Feel Like Walking On A Cloud

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Shoes have enormous power. Just sliding into a pair that we love can deliver a delicious jolt of dopamine. But there's more to it than that. Shoes have the power to affect the way we carry ourselves. This is true figuratively, of course — since the right pair of shoes can have us commanding a room like Julia Garner as Anna Delvey. But it's also true literally. According to Live Science, the wearing of shoes by humans has fundamentally affected not only how we get from one place to another but also the very anatomy of our feet. 

For example, since humans began wearing shoes some 40,000 years ago, our toe bones have gotten smaller — presumably because we no longer need the extra support. But it doesn't take multiple millennia for the wearing of shoes to affect change on the human foot. The habitual wearing of ill-fitting shoes can cause bunions in just a few short years, for example. And the wearing of the wrong pair of sandals can cause blisters in mere minutes. 

Considering that sandals were the first shoe that humans came up with (via LoveToKnow), you'd think we'd have it figured out by now — kind of like how we did with cars. That being said, a cushy interior, aesthetically pleasing exterior, smooth ride, and impressive mileage are not exclusive to road travel. In fact, all of these sandals manage to be totally on trend while also letting you feel like you're walking on clouds. 

How we selected our comfiest sandals

What constitutes a comfortable sandal depends, to some extent, on what kind of sandal you're talking about. For example, you wouldn't expect a flip-flop to offer anything in the way of heel support, nor would you want it to. What you would want in a flip-flop is for it to cushion the sole of your foot, including the arch, while not cutting into the space between your toes. By contrast, the relative comfort of a toe-ring or a two-strap sandal will depend upon a snug-fitting (but not too snug) upper made of a material that doesn't chafe and otherwise feels good against your skin. You'll want that for an all-terrain hiking sandal as well, but you'll have to adjust your expectations slightly to reflect that the upper must be able to stand up to water without absorbing too much.

To put it another way, even the comfiest dress sandal will never be as comfortable as the comfiest shower sandal. However, even a dress sandal — and, spoiler alert, a sky-high one at that, can offer cloud-like comfort. Accordingly, you'll find our selection of the most comfortable sandals organized by category. And for each category, we'll let you know about any special considerations such as the ones we just mentioned. And just to prove that we're as flexible as we expect our soles to be, we're going to start with the category that ends all categories: the comfiest sandal of them all. 

Comfiest of the most comfortable sandals

If there were a shoe that shouldn't be allowed in an office, it would have to be the pillow slide, such as Feather by Cushionaire, shown above. It's not that it's provocative or attention-seeking like, like, say a peep-toe slide; in fact, People magazine refers to the pillowy slide as the "ugly sandal." Rather, the issue that many an office manager might have with the pillow slide is that it's just a little too comfortable for an office setting. 

With its spongy, molded footbed sitting atop a 1.75-inch platform that keeps your feet level and at a comfortable distance from the floor, and its soft, flexible upper and grippy outsole, the Feather could be seen as sending the wrong message — not to your boss, but to your brain. "Relax," the Amazon-bestselling slide whispers, and who could resist? Certainly not the 21,000+ reviewers on Amazon who gave it four and a half stars. 

The Cushionaire Women's Feather slide sandals are available on Amazon in a raucous display of colors starting at $24.49.

Comfiest shower sandal

If you don't use a shower sandal already, what are you waiting for? Mom Junction points out that wearing shower shoes is a safer bet than showering barefoot — for everyone, not just the elderly — because a good pair such as the Adidas Adilette shower sandals will grip that slippery bathtub floor in a way your skin simply cannot. Other things you'll want to look for in a shower sandal include comfortable straps, quick-drying action, and grippy insoles to match the grippy outsoles.

The Adilette features a smooth synthetic, water-repellant upper that sits atop a "cloudfoam" footbed with a .5-inch platform. Easy to kick on and off, they nevertheless don't slide around on your feet, even when wet, because of subtle, well-placed traction on the insole. More than 37,000 Amazon reviewers rated this best-selling shower sandal four and a half stars out of five for comfort, durability, and ease of walking.

The Adidas Adilette shower slides are available on Amazon with prices starting at $15.

Comfiest flip-flops for the beach and poolside

A flimsy pair of rubber flip-flops could easily cost you under $10, but that will deliver no more than the bare minimum in terms of comfort. Podiatrist Norman Scott Regal recommends treating your feet to a sturdy pair of flip-flops for beachside and poolside, one made of high-quality materials and a sole that is flexible enough to bend but not so insubstantial that it can literally fold over on itself (via Cone Health Medical Group). 

The Clark's Breeze Sea is part of the Clark's Cloudstepper collection of soft, lightweight, and durable shoes. Another best-seller on Amazon, the Breeze Sea has received, on average, four and a half stars out of five by the more than 52,000 people who've purchased a pair. Words that come up frequently throughout the reviews include "comfortable," "favorite," "greatest," "beautiful," and "you can't go wrong." 

The Clarks Women's Breeze Sea flip-flop sandals are available on Amazon with prices starting at $23.99.

Comfiest flip-flops for walking around in

A flip-flop that you plan to wear on the street is going to require more shock absorption and softer cushioning than a flip-flop that you wear at the beach or by the pool, according to podiatrist Jane Anderson, spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) (via Prevention). That's certainly one thing that the FitFlop Lulu delivers with its contoured 1.5-inch heel atop a .75-inch platform.

In terms of engineering, this APMA-certified flip-flop uses what FitFlop calls microwobbleboard technology, which is designed with the goal of supporting a healthy weight distribution as you walk in them (via FitFlop). The upper is made of soft leather and is contoured in a way that minimizes chafing. The bit that goes between your toes is sturdy but smooth. 

The FitFlop Lulu flip-flop sandals are available on Zappos, with prices starting at $85.

Comfiest sandal you can buy at Costco

Costco's business model counts on you going there to buy a rotisserie chicken or two but walking out with a seven-piece bar-height outdoor dining set, or at least a pair of impulse sandals such as the Skechers two-strap sandals shown above. A Skechers version of the iconic uber-comfy two-strap Birkenstock, this sandal offers a foam-cushioned, molded insole (the cork is mere trim, but it is, indeed, cork) and adjustable straps made of a suede-like material with just the right amount of stretch for a snug fit that won't bind or cut into your skin. In terms of comfort, it may not be a Birkenstock, but the reviewers don't seem to notice or care. Moreover, this is the most comfortable sandal you'll ever stumble upon while food shopping. 

The Skechers Two Strap sandal is available on Costco.com, with prices starting at $19.97. If you shop in-warehouse, the price may be discounted.

Comfiest dressy sandals -- Splurge

If high style is your goal alongside comfort, and price is no object, then might we introduce you to Bottega Veneta's Lido mule? This imported-from-Italy, dramatic square-toed sandal has a surprisingly sturdy four-inch heel constructed of durable rubber-injected leather, and an upper made of ... wait for it ... 100% lambskin. The pillowy weave that you see on the upper feels as soft and cushiony on the feet as it appears in the photo above. Now, we're not going to pretend that you won't notice how high off the floor your heels are when you're wearing these, especially given that there is no platform under the toe. But there is some sweet, cushy padding at the heel. And as far as slender-heeled sky-highs go, it's entirely possible that you may never experience anything more comfortable. 

The Bottega Veneta BV Lido sandals are available at Nordstrom, with prices starting at $1,500. 

Comfiest dressy sandals -- Save

With all due respect to Bottega Veneta, you do not actually have to spend $1,500 for a super-comfortable dress sandal. You can find a huge selection of exquisitely comfortable dress sandals from comfort brands such as Naturalizer, Aerosole, and LifeStride on Amazon and elsewhere. And you can also find a fair share of luxuriously comfortable sandals from non-comfort brands, including these, our favorite of the bunch, the Laurette by Caslon. 

Imported from Italy and featuring a perfectly on-trend three-inch chunky block heel and a cushy but durable rubber sole, the upper and lining are made of buttery soft leather. Although there is no platform beneath the toe box, the padded footbed has a memory foam-like feel from heel to toe, and the knotted detail at the instep affords a bit of leeway in terms of width.

The Caslon Laurette Sandals are available at Nordstrom, with prices starting at $47.99.

Comfiest sling-backs

Sling-backs can be something of a double-edged sword. That strap at the back is meant to offer you a sense of security — i.e., that you're not going to lose a shoe while running for the train, for example. By the same token, however, sling-backs are meant to secure the foot into the shoe at top of the heel, just below the ankle. And that, in particular, can be a set-up for chafing and blistering. 

Fortunately, however, that is not the case with the sandals pictured above, the Esperanza from Target. Featuring a thick and cloud-like platform that rises to a two-inch heel, the Esperanza is essentially a two-strap flatform but with the security of a sling-back and style that doesn't scream "granola!" Although the Esperanza is made of man-made materials, the airy construction and padded footbed make this sandal feel almost weightless. 

The Esperanza wedge sandals are available on Target with prices starting at $29.74.

Comfiest sky-high espadrille

The first espadrilles came from Spain and got their name from the type of grass (esparto) that was used in making the soles, according to The Costume Society. The uppers were made from two pieces of canvas, one which covered the toes, and one which covered the heel. Sturdy, comfortable, and inexpensive to make, the espadrille was worn by peasants in farming communities, by clergymen, and by those in the infantry — in other words, people who spent a lot of time walking around. Later, espadrilles came to acquire ribbons that secured them to the leg — like pointe shoes. In fact, they came to be worn by dancers, albeit not ballet dancers.

For the most part, today's espadrilles are neither sturdy nor comfortable, especially when they involve those ribbons. But the Kenneth Cole Olivia sandals pictured above are a notable exception. With a buttery suede-like upper and a sky-high wedge heel perched on a sizable platform covered in raffia, this post-modern version of the espadrille is cushy and comfortable and feels like walking on air, according to some of the more than 1,200 Amazon reviewers who gave it an average of 4.5 stars.

The Kenneth Cole Olivia wedge espadrille sandals are available on Amazon with prices starting at $39.99.

Comfiest flatform espadrille

Another espadrille that shares little in common with its Spanish predecessors, the Steve Madden Kimmie espadrille boasts the appearance of a flatform, but its stacked footbed is molded from rubber with a slight heel rise, making for a more comfortable ride. The strappiest sandal among our favorite cloud-like sandals, the Kimmie sandal's soft stretchy leather straps are meant to hug the feet and the ankle, and that should help minimize the usual chafing and blistering that often goes with strappy sandals (particularly those with ankle straps, such as these). The more than 6,800 reviewers who weighed in on the Kimmie on Amazon gave it an average of four out of five stars. As one reviewer put it, the Kimmie could take some getting used to — but only because "they make you feel like you're floating as you walk." 

The Steve Madden Women's Kimmie espadrille sandals are available on Amazon with prices starting at $15.99.

Comfiest chunky lug-sole sandals

Chunky heels, and especially chunky heels with lug soles, have been all the rage throughout 2022, with no sign of slowing down any time soon, according to Vogue. Rooted in functionality, the lug-soled chunky is meant to, and does, provide much-needed traction for the rainy days ahead as we move from summer into early fall, but that toothy bottom also delivers a lightweight, almost bouncy, ride. 

We particularly love the Account sandal by Soda and so do over 1,000 Amazon reviewers who rated it four and a half stars out of five. The words that keep coming up throughout the reviews are "versatile" and "comfortable." One reviewer, who bought them in multiple colors, wears them daily in her job as a teacher. "BUY THEM!!!!" another reviewer wrote enthusiastically. "Seriously, the most comfortable, softest material."

The Soda Account sandals are available on Poshmark with prices starting at $40.00.

Comfiest toe-ring sandal

If you're a fan of the long, sexy look of a toe-ring sandal, then perhaps you too feel frustrated by the lack of comfortable options. Many can feel, after walking just a few city blocks, like a medieval torture device designed to slowly amputate the big toe. Not so with the Reece toe-ring sandal by Dansko. Danskos is known primarily as a maker of quality professional-grade clogs, many of which are sensible enough to be used by medical professionals, sculptors, gardeners, massage therapists, and others who spend their days on their feet, according to The New York Times.

Occasionally, however, Dansko comes out with a shoe that defies style expectations. And that is the case with the Reece, which looks nothing like a clog, and, in fact, nothing like a sandal you can walk around in all day. But that's precisely what it is, and it has everything to do with the impeccable construction of the supple leather upper and the molded, stacked footbed.

The Dansko Reece toe-ring sandals are available on the Dansko website with prices starting at $125.

Comfiest hiking sandals

Hiking demands a good hiking boot, right? Not necessarily, according to CleverHiker, which points out that hiking boots can be heavy, hot, and sweaty, and prone to picking up pebbles and twigs in their toothy lug soles. While hiking boots may serve an important purpose on certain terrain and when the weather turns frigid, they may not actually be the ideal choice for hot-weather hiking, especially if you anticipate crossing streams and other bodies of water. For those sorts of forays, hiking experts recommend a good pair of hiking sandals. 

While there are a number of comfortable, highly functional hiking sandals on the market, the pair we recommend, especially if you're a casual hiker looking for a sandal that can double as a fashion accessory, is the TEVA Original Universal. Rated the best bargain hiking sandal by Switchback Travel and one of the only hiking sandals that won't give you blisters, per Who What Wear, the TEVA Original Universal feels something like walking on a yoga mat.

The TEVA Original Universal is available on Amazon with prices starting at $27.48.

Comfiest shoes for travel

Crocs have come a long way since they first debuted in the early aughts (per Footwear News). Today, they're completely on trend and podiatrist-approved, according to Travel + Leisure, which rated the Classic Croc sandal, as shown above, the best all-around sandal to take with you on your travels. And who are we, with our abiding love of both fashion, comfort, and travel, to argue? Between the Crocs-proprietary "Crosslite" foam footbeds, the near-seamless two-strap construction, and the grippy footbed, your feet are cradled securely and comfortably for miles of sightseeing. And with a huge selection of colors and those holes — which are meant to be studded with Jibbitz charms, you can still make a statement. 

The Classic Crocs sandals are available on the Crocs website with prices starting at $25.99.

Comfiest travel sandal offering a bit of height

As fabulous as the Classic Croc sandal may be for touring the world comfortably and fashionably appointed, there is, nevertheless, one good reason to eschew it. And that is that it is a flat. Flats are, and have long been, overrated (seriously, have you heard the truth about those beloved ballet flats?). If you're in agreement, then you can feel free to ignore the Crocs Classic Sandal recommendation we made above in the category of most comfortable shoes for travel, and instead, turn your focus to these babies: the Crocs Classic Crush sandal. The Classic Crush sandal is everything we love about the Classic Croc sandal — but on an alluringly puffy-looking platform with a slightly raised heel. It not only looks like a cloud underfoot, but it feels like one too. And it's good for two and a half inches of height for those of us who feel that's important.

The Classic Crush sandal by Crocs is available on the Crocs website with prices starting at $44.99.